Repurposed DIY Toilet Roll Holder Projects

Revamp your bathroom with a DIY toilet roll holder project! Unleash your creativity, repurpose forgotten treasures, & transform the mundane into extraordinary.

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Repurposing Old Items: DIY Toilet Roll Holder Projects

Let’s face it: the standard store-boughtβ€―toilet roll holder? They can get a little boring to look at. It’s as exciting as beige walls and Tuesday mornings. 

Your throne room deserves more than the mundane. It craves the extraordinary, the quirky, the uniquely you. And guess what? You have the power to bestow it upon your lavatory with a little DIY magic.β€― 

We’re talking about repurposing, upcycling, and breathing new life into those forgotten treasures lurking in your cupboards and basements. Think vintage suitcases, weathered boots, antique cameras – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 

So, grab your glue gun, unleash your inner MacGyver, and prepare to be amazed by the transformations you can work! 

What are Toilet Roll Holders?

Aβ€―toilet roll holderβ€―is the unsung hero of bathrooms everywhere. The humble device keeps our essential tissue readily available when nature calls. But these handy contraptions come in a surprising variety, defying the image of the plain metal bar most of us are familiar with. 

Here’s a glimpse into the world of toilet roll holders: 


This classic, space-saving option comes in various styles, from simple wire arms to sleek, minimalist bars to ornate, vintage-inspired contraptions. 


Perfect for adding a touch of personality or overcoming awkward bathroom layouts. Picture a rustic wooden stand, a whimsically painted stool, or even a repurposed suitcase holding your precious rolls. 

In-wall recessed

These hide the mechanics behind the wall for a seamless, modern look, leaving only a sleek opening for the paper to emerge. 

Built-in cabinetsΒ 

Some bathroom cabinets include integrated roll holders, offering a convenient and discreet storage solution. 

Automatic dispensers

Mainly found in public restrooms, these high-tech wonders use sensors to dispense the perfect amount of paper with a touchless wave. 

DIY Toilet Roll Holder Projects

Steampunk Chic with Cogs and Gears

Dust off that old bicycle chain, rescue those rusty cogs from the toolbox, and get ready to steampunk your bathroom to the max! This industrial-inspired holder is surprisingly easy to whip up. 

Simply attach the chain and gears to a wooden board in a whimsical arrangement, ensuring the chain loops create a smooth passage for the paper. Spray paint everything in metallic hues for that extra dose of Steampunk charm, and mount your creation proudly to the wall. 

Prepare to be showered with compliments (and maybe a few raised eyebrows)! 

Project 2: Rustic Charm with Vintage Suitcases

Is grandma’s old suitcase gathering cobwebs in the attic? Give it a new lease on life as a charmingly rustic toilet roll holder! 

Open the case and secure a wooden dowel or metal rod across the interior, ensuring it can hold a roll. Decorate the exterior with vintage postcards, travel stickers, or even miniature maps – let your inner wanderlust shine! 

This holder is not just functional; it’s a conversation starter, a portal to faraway lands, and a reminder that even the most well-travelled treasures can find a cosy corner at home. 

Project 3: Nautical Dreams with Weathered Boots

Ahoy, mateys! Transform those old boots into nautical-themed toilet roll holders that’ll have you sailing the seven seas (well, at least to the bathroom and back). Clean and varnish the boots, then secure a dowel or rod across the top opening. 

For extra stability, you can mount the boots to a wooden board. Accessorise with miniature anchors, seashells, or even a tiny model sailboat – endless possibilities! 

This holder is perfect for the bathroom of any seasoned sailor, adding a touch of salty whimsy to your daily routine. 

Project 4: Bohemian Rhapsody with Antique Cameras

Calling all vintage-loving bohemians! Those old cameras collecting dust on the shelf are about to become the stars of your bathroom. 

Remove the lens and carefully cut a slot in the back of the camera to accommodate the toilet roll. Paint the camera in vibrant colours or adorn it with beads, feathers, or macrame – let your bohemian spirit flow! 

This holder is more than just functional; it’s a quirky conversation starter, a testament to your unique style, and a reminder that we can find beauty in the most unexpected places. 

Tips to RememberΒ 

Safety first!

Be mindful of sharp edges and use appropriate tools and adhesives for each project. 

Embrace the imperfections

The beauty of repurposing lies in the uniqueness of each item. Don’t strive for perfection – celebrate the dings, dents, and worn-out charm that tell a story. 

Let your creativity run wild!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match materials, and create something that reflects your personality and style. 

Ditch the boring and embrace the extraordinary! With a little imagination and some old treasures, you canβ€―transform your bathroomβ€―into a showcase of your DIY prowess and quirky charm. 

After all, your throne room deserves a holder that’s as unique and wonderful as you are. Get to crafting, and let your toilet paper roll in style! 

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