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Take your business in any direction with assured worldwide delivery reaching new customers and providers internationally is easier but maintaining regular customers that are not easy, so we comprehend the significance of your documents and parcels safely, we promise that your parcel will be on your doorstep in just 4 to 5 days. We are confident that we are ready to convey everywhere throughout the world. Above all, effortlessly, However, no trade-off on the nature of administration of international courier services is their door-to-door delivery services. Courier can deliver shipments to almost any part of the world within a few days or even hours. Depending on the urgently deliver. Tracking and transparency are also important features of international couriers. Export couriers can also provide a tracking number that allows the sender. Exposts international couriers also provide insurance options to protect shipments against loss, damage, or theft. Financial security in the event of an unfortunate incident during transit. Expost international couriers provide affordable prizes.

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Exposts International Express connects you to over 2,000 global destinations with swift and reliable delivery for urgent shipments. Explore the realm of international shipping of export we are a trusted partner for seamless, cost-effective services . we simplify international shipping need content as today to learn more about our services.

Who we are.

EXPOST is your one-window logistics service provider. We specialize in flexible delivery solutions that get your goods to your customers on time, safely & in the most cost–efficient manner. No matter how small the job or big the project. We will handle all the details, covering freight forwarding, customs brokerages, transportation, warehousing & distribution over a decade of experience ensures that we know how to get it done and get it done right.

Send a parcel with Ease with Expost.

Need to send a parcel but aren’t sure which service to choose? Investigating reliable courier services online can be a tough and time-consuming job, especially when you’re looking to send an important, valuable, or fragile item. Export knows how significant it is to have a parcel delivery service you can rely upon.

That’s why we’ve designed a way to give you a wide range of parcel delivery and collection choices that suits your need. UExpost is a quick and stress-free option if you are in a rush and don’t have sufficient time to wait in for a courier to collect your parcels. Through our online parcel collection, you can easily send your parcel throughout the world.

Duty-paid services for the UK.

Duty-paid courier services are typically offered by Expost courier services. When using duty-paid service it’s important to provide accurate information. The expertise and infrastructure to handle customs clearance and payment of duty on behalf of other clients.

The sender takes care of all customs-related requirements and payments. Duty-paid services provide cost transparency for both parties involved. Shipping delays can occur when shipments are stuck in customs due to incomplete paperwork or unpaid duties.

Duty-paid courier services entail handling shipments where all applicable duties, taxes, and fees have been settled before the package’s arrival in the UK. This approach significantly expedites the customs clearance process and eliminates unexpected costs or delays for the sender or recipient.

When utilizing duty-paid services, the courier company assumes responsibility for calculating, collecting, and paying the required duties and taxes on behalf of the shipper or receiver. This convenience streamlines the shipping process, enabling the swift movement of goods across international borders.


EXPOST is Pakistan’s premier E-Commerce Logistics Company. We started an e-commerce service in 2010 and created an industry that is growing these days


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